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7 arts: Belgian avant-garde (1922-1928)

One century ago there was a flourishing avant-garde in Brussels. In 1922, Pierre and Victor Bourgeois, Pierre-Louis Flouquet, Karel Maes and Georges Monier launched the periodical 7 Arts, which would turn out to be of major influence on the art scene. The five Brussels residents…


X Artefacts

X Artefacts exhibits ten moments when the invited architects got physically involved in the production, fabrication or implementation of building materials. Prototypes, samples and other artefacts in the exhibition bear witness to these situations, when the architects departed from their role as designers-prescribers to engage…


1000m2 de désir: Architecture et Sexualité

Des boudoirs pour hommes ? Un phalanstère communautariste régi par les passions ? Un centre de divertissement multimédia dévolu à la sexualité ? Une armée de volontaires sexuels ? Des espaces domestiques agencés pour les plaisirs de la chair ? Des folies Eco-contemporaines? L’architecture comme organisation…